Caroline Shaw: Orange | Caroline Shaw

Caroline Shaw: Orange | Caroline Shaw

Product Code: 0075597921434

EAN: 0075597921434
Catalogue Code: 0075597921434
Title: Caroline Shaw: Orange
Artist/Group: Caroline Shaw
Contributors: Caroline Shaw, Attacca Quartet
Genre: Classical, Instrumental
Produced by Label/Studio: Nonesuch, 2020
Published by: Warner Music Group, 24 Jul 2020
Format: Vinyl / 12" Album Coloured Vinyl
Number of Disks: 2 disc(s)
  • £27.60
Disc 1
1. Entr acte (Caroline Shaw) - Attacca Quartet
2. Valencia (Caroline Shaw) - Attacca Quartet
3. Plan & elevation The Ellipse (Caroline Shaw) - Attacca Quartet
4. Plan & elevation The Cutting Garden (Caroline Shaw) - Attacca Quartet
5. Plan & elevation The Herbaceous Border (Caroline Shaw) - Attacca Quartet
6. Plan & elevation The Orangery (Caroline Shaw) - Attacca Quartet
7. Plan & elevation The Beech Tree (Caroline Shaw) - Attacca Quartet
8. Punctum (Caroline Shaw) - Attacca Quartet
9. Limestone & Felt (Caroline Shaw) - Attacca Quartet
10. Ritornello 2.sq.2.j.a (Caroline Shaw) - Attacca Quartet

Cover Notes: 'Completely gorgeous in so many ways', exclaims BBC Radio 3. 'It hits you everywhere, all at once'. 'A love letter to the string quartet', says NPR. 'When you hear all the imaginative sounds on 'Orange', you know you're listening to the voice of a strong composer'. 'The pieces on 'Orange' shoot off in thrilling and unpredictable directions', says Pitchfork's 8.0 review. 'The music of 'Orange' exudes joy and a sense of wildness'.

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